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Other Services

Len Smith Consulting Ltd can provide a wide range of other services such as:

Topographical and Level surveys:

Len Smith Consulting SurverysA detailed accurate survey is a key to the development of any project.

Compulsory Purchase Order advice:

Our Managing Director, Len Smith, has a wealth of experience in Compulsory Purchase Orders . This allows him to provide advice to both the client side and importantly to those affected by Compulsory Purchase Orders.

Housing Infrastructure Funding and Section 106 Agreements Advice:

Working with the Client and developers on issues relating to Housing Infrastructure Funding -both Marginal Viability Funding Projects and Forward Future Projects. Also, Section 106 Agreements.

Projects Risk Identification and Management Advice – Both Strategic and  Operational

Our Managing Director, Len Smith, has a wealth of experience in both strategic and operational project risks. Understanding these issues and risks are key to a successful project. Demonstrating understanding and management can also help obtain cost effective project insurance and financing.

Thermal Imaging Thermal Camera  Surveys

We are able to undertake thermal image surveys of buildings to help identify areas of heat loss, cold bridging and damp issues. We can also help to locate air leakage points which can be of grate help to meat the air test requirements under building regulations.

Light Level Surveys

We are able to undertake light level surveys in building to determine if the levels comply with the recommended levels set out in the Health and Safety Executives Guidance on Lighting at Work and the Chartered Institute of Building Service Engineers guidance on domestic property lighting levels.

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